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The art of the invisible - Room acoustics


Effective acoustic solutions are becoming more important in modern architecture. Even during the planning stage, the question is raised: what can be used to positively influence the sound in a room – and yet be as inconspicuous as possible? Ultimately, how a room sounds is largely decided by how it is seen and perceived by those who use it. We at Sto have been researching this topic for over 25 years – always with the same goal – to provide you with all the means and materials to design acoustically perfect rooms.

Requirements on reverberation time, sound distribution, or speech intelligibility change depending on how a room is used. Whereas cushioned silence is valued in offices or lobbies, in a concert hall every sound, no matter how soft, must be heard. Acoustics is influenced by various factors: the composition of floors, walls and ceilings, the ambient interior climate, the type of furniture, and the number of people.

Our many years of research, experience gained from many successful projects of almost all types, and our cooperation with leading architects, tradesmen, and acoustics experts have resulted in systems that take these factors into account and optimise the acoustics of any room.

Our range of acoustics solutions includes seamless acoustic systems, acoustic panels, modular acoustics, spray acoustics, as well as a wide range of acoustic tools.