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StoColor System and Collections

The StoColor system is based on human visual perception. The six colour perception areas, consisting of the primary and secondary colours yellow, red, blue as well as orange, violet and green, form the starting basis of the StoColor System. Through the subdivision of these six colour areas into four colour shade levels each, a 24-part colour wheel is created, and this constitutes the actual basis of the StoColor System.

From each of these 24 basic colour shades, and based on the principle of the same-colour triangle, ive colour rows can be mixed in each grouping. The individual shades achieved in each row also have the same visual grades. As a result the colour rows run and develop the same way across all colour shade ranges, which, in turn, is the prerequisite for the reliable selection of colour shades and colour concepts.

In total, the StoColor System comprises 800 shades, of which 772 are systematically assigned colour shades and 28 are greyscale shades which are in turn subdivided into three grey rows.

Color wheel


The StoColor System is based on human visual perception.