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StoDeco Facade Profiles

Based on a natural raw material - the StoDeco range of profiles and rustications is developed from the remarkable material Verolith.

Perlite forms when the volcanic rock obsidian is exposed to weathering. We use a purely thermal expansion method to turn the raw material perlite into a granular form of Verolith. From this granular material, slab workpieces for the three-dimensional facade elements are produced using pressure and heat.

Extremely lightweight and easy to shape and install, the StoDeco range provides excellent weather resistance and physical properties.

The StoDeco range includes a wide range of standard designs, or can be custom made to match existing profiles or to create a unique appearance for your project.


Under the emblem “iD – Individual Digital Engineering”, Sto gathers services and technical solutions linking parametric design processes with industrial production methods. Our iD solutions are based on integrated digital process chains and allow designs to be directly and exactly implemented.



Download the StoDeco Facade Profiles brochure for more information on lightweight profiles, highlights and inspiration.

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